Tracey Simmonds - Founder of The Pole Studio South Africa

Tracey Simmonds is one of the most famous Pole Fitness instructors and performers in the world. She has over 11 years experience working in Pole Fitness: performing, competing, running studios, instructing and instructor training.

Tracey originates from the United Kingdom where she started her Pole Fitness career. Later she moved to South Africa to set up The Pole Studio SA and establish the South African Pole Sports Federation.

Tracey is a full time Pole Fitness instructor and business owner. She is an experienced instructor trainer and mentor offering accredited Pole Fitness instructor courses internationally. Tracey's Pole Fitness credentials include:

• The Pole Studio Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Instructor Training Programme (Instructor Training in Pole Dance Fitness)
• A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DVD instructional guides in Pole Dance Fitness
• Pole Factor SA 2015 1st Runner Up in Pole Acrobat Professional
• Pole Art 2012 (Sweden)
• International Pole Championships 2012 (Hong Kong)
• World Pole Sports & Fitness 2009 (Jamaica)
• Miss Pole Dance UK 2006 & 2008 (England

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