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At The Pole Studio we offer a wide range of classes and courses to suit your needs.

You have the option of paying for lessons blocks, paid in advance of the course starting where the lessons run on the same day and time each week. Another option is drop in classes which start at £12 at various studios. The other option is private classes for you and your friends to take with an instructor. These classes can be arranged at times that suit you.

We have 2 people to a pole maximum on all courses.

Below is a list of classes broken down by ability

Our beginner classes will introduce you to the basics of Pole Fitness including transitions, floor work, spins and basic tricks. The aim of our Beginners classes is to build your confidence on and around the pole. We encourage you to 'go for it' and have fun - every poler has had to learn from the start at one time or another! So don't worry, we've all been there.

After you complete Beginner 1 we start teaching you more demanding spins, transitions and tricks. You will also be introduced to the first steps of inverting (going upside down) and conditioning techniques to aid your strength and fitness.

Once you reach our Intermediate stage, you will be stronger and fitter, so you will be learning more challenging moves, spins, inverts, holds and combinations. If you are coming from another school, in order to book onto our Intermediate classes, you must be able to do basic spins, pole stand/sit and basic invert.

Our Advanced classes incorporate harder tricks, inverts, spins, holds and combinations. The moves in this level require greater strength than the previous levels and can take long periods of time to perfect. However once you have reached Advanced you will be mastering moves you never thought possible! If you are coming from another school, in order to book onto our Advanced classes, you must be able to invert confidently, outside and inside leg hang and be working on Shouldermount.

Our Elite levels are designed for the hardcore poler and you will now have a very high level of fitness, strength and endurance. These levels bring in flips, drops, the latest moves developed by some of the greatest polers around the world and harder conditioning along with flexibility training and tips. If you are coming from another school, in order to book onto our Elite classes, you must be able to do intermediate spins Reverse Grab and tricks such as Shouldermount, Mid-Air Invert and Layback (Leg Release).

This class has been specifically designed to help people improve their flexibility. If you want to do the splits, improve your backbend or just touch your toes, we can’t recommend these classes enough. A variety of stretching techniques will be used including isometric and dynamic stretching. This means you will not only be improving your flexibility but also burning calories and conditioning your body in order to achieve the best kind of flexibility - active flexibility.

Stretching is a great treat for your body. All of our students are encouraged to participate in our Flex classes to help improve balance in the body, decrease the chances of becoming injured and for general relaxation.

Every class is an hour and a half and we will focus on one particular part of the body.

Our Flexibility and Conditioning Classes are 90 minutes and cost £10.

This class is for students of all levels as we focus on the sensual side of pole dance. Expect a fun, low impact workout with smooth and elegant transitions and floorwork. Whether you are a total novice or advanced pole trixter, you will love putting a routine together to a great song and dancing the hours away!

Stripping is not involved in these classes. In fact you can wear leggings/long pants/legwarmers. You are welcome to bring high heels or you can go barefoot. Knee-pads are recommended. Remember, nobody is judged on how they look at any of our classes as the focus is on having a great time and reaching your personal goals.

Our Routine Classes are 90 minutes and £20.

Do you want to work on a routine but need an outside eye or have an idea, but don't know how to start? Or are you training for a competition?

Choreography is a product of personal expression and we want to help you develop your own personal style. Whether you need a competition ready routine, a performance piece or just to learn how to put your pole skills together in a flawless routine... we have some of the best choreographers in the business.

Our choreography classes are two hours and £100.

Our brand new spinny pole 4 week course will consist of moves from the beginner and intermediate syllabus for static pole, with some new elegant, spinny specific moves added in. in this 4 week beginner course you will learn how to control your momentum and fall in love with the way the pole freely moves, allowing you to hold both spins and tricks with ease. You must be at an intermediate level and know how to strongly invert to join this course.

4 week course - £60

Available at Chessington, Dorking, Reading, Staines and Woking.

For £5 an hour you are guaranteed to get a pole on your own to practise and perfect moves you have been learning within your lessons. You will not get the entire studio so there may be others practising at the same time.

Our practise sessions are open to everyone and you don't have to be a student at The Pole Studio. However if this is the case, we will have to assess your ability in a private 121 lesson prior to your first session, just to make sure you stay safe! You must have someone with you at all times when practising, as you must not be alone in the studio for safety and insurance purposes.

The Pole Studio offers private lessons for 121's or small groups. Private classes are great for those who want to learn at their own pace.

1-2-1 Private class for 1 person £40
2-2-1 Private class for 2 people £50
3-2-1 Private class for 3 people £60
4-2-1 Private class for 4 people £16 per person


Refund/Cancellation Policy
Due to having to book studio and instructor time in advance and restricted numbers in our classes, all lesson fees, whether they are courses, privates or drop-ins are non-refundable or transferrable under any circumstances.

For drop in lessons and private classes, cancellations without 24 hours notice will result in your loss of your booking and payment.

For prices please click on the studio of your choice

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