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Bendy Kate

Disciplines: Acrobatics, Pole, Handbalancing, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks

Bendy (as seen on Got to Dance 2012) is an innovative pole artist, acrobat, aerialist and handbalancer from the UK. Kate trained as an acrobat from a young age and since beginning pole she has won several Pole Fitness titles including second place in the World Pole Sports Championships 2013 and the UK Professional Champion 2011/2012. Kate is one of the most OLDpopular aerialists in the world.

Performance credits include:

Got to Dance 2012 - Sky 1
The Clothes Show Live 2010/11
Acrobat for Incandescence's tour of east Asia 2011
Absolut Vodka Launch party, Morocco 2011
Performer at Royal Celebratory Gala 2011
Acrobat at Adidas Fit for 2012

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